Marina García-Llorente

In the context of global change in urbanized societies and being from Madrid, my commitment and enthusiasm is focused on developing applied and participatory research projects that reconnect nature and society.
I have a degree in Environmental Sciences (2006) and a PhD in Ecology and Environment (2011) from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). I joined the research in Sustainability Sciences through the Socio-Ecosystems Laboratory of the UAM. I have developed my research career linking ecology, social analysis, applied research, rural development and agricultural sciences; being associated editor at Ecosystems and People Journal.

Since 2015, I joined the Madrid Institute for Rural Development, Agrarian and Food Research (IMIDRA). From IMIDRA I carry out a line of research focused on “New strategies for integrated rural development”, from a transdisciplinary perspective linking science-management and practice. This line lands through the Autonomous Operative Groups of the Rural Development Plan (2014-2020; EIP-Agri), focused on the promotion of agroecological practices and rural dynamization. This approach has allowed me to deepen the analysis of agricultural ecosystem services, the promotion of inclusive social agriculture and the implementation of open agriculture laboratories (Agrolab) to reactivate the agricultural sector and as a collective strategy for the conservation of agricultural landscapes.

For me Fractal is a space for mutual support of researchers, colleagues and friends. A space without limits from which to take another look at science and work in an applied way to address real problems of sustainability.


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