Last week FRACTAL has participated at the Leverage Points Conference, held in Leuphana University (Lunenburg, Germany). Inspired by Meadows’ work on the leverage points —places in complex systems where a small shift may lead to fundamental changes in the system as a whole— during three days the conference attracted researchers from social and natural sciences to address the in-depth reflections on transformations for sustainability. Irene Iniesta-Arandia and Elisa Oteros-Rozas, lead two oral presentations followed by shared discussions in the format of “world café”. One was centred on how researchers can play a role in transformation within the current neoliberal academic environment, applying feminist reflexivity (i.e. positionality and subjectivity) and a collective facilitation of processes of dialogue. The other reflected around the role of different feminist and women collectives in science-policy-action arenas, including FRACTAL, and their transformative power. Federica Ravera, Cristina Quintas and Marina García Llorente also participated in the discussions as well as presenting other works.