I was born in Almería, so all my personal and professional development has been related to the Mediterranean Sea, it’s arid landscapes and the wonderful traditional crops plains of the Alpujarra. I graduated in Environmental Sciences and later I got my PhD in Applied and Environmental Sciences from the University of Almería. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Kassel in Germany. My research focuses on the study of links and relationships between ecosystems and human well-being, from a multidisciplinary perspective with ecological methods and social assessment tools. I have worked on several international projects, such as the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment in Spain (EMEC; Autonomous University of Madrid) project, the Monitoring of the Effects of Global Change on the arid ecosystems of the Levante Andaluz (GLOCHARID; University of Almeria) and the PECS endorsed project Water scarcity and governance across socio-ecological systems (PECS-WaterSES; Idaho State University). Currently, I am working at the go-PRIMA project (Rural-urban transformation in arid and semi-arid areas in the Mediterranean), where I study how transformations in rural systems promote the loss of cultural values ​​and multifunctional landscapes in the Mediterranean, with special emphasis in Northern Africa and Middle Eastern Countries. I love the sea, tapas, sunny terraces, yoga and the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
FRACTAL for me is a space of calm, hope and passion: a place of meeting with colleagues & friends where we develop ideas and passions together, we fight side by side to strengthen science with awareness and collaborative, to empower ourselves and create more sustainable and fair spaces.


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